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Scentsy February 2023 Warmer of the Month:

A Twine to Unwind

Bring on the boho to create a serene escape in your own home. Light shines through hand-woven twine creating a beautiful, unique light display.

A Twine to Unwind is available for $54.00 (a 10% discount during the month of February 2023). Normally $60. 7″ tall, 20W.

Scentsy February 2023 Scent of the Month:

Pink Coconut

Ground yourself with the soft scent of sweet raspberry, earthy pink clay, creamy coconut and subtle Tahitian vanilla. Fragrance family: fruity.

Available with a 10% discount as a Scent Circle ($2.70, normally $3), Scentsy Bar, ($5.40, normally $6), and Room Spray ($7.20 normally $8).

A Twine To Unwind & PinkCoconut
Pink Coconut
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