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Scentsy July 2021 Warmer of the Month:

Above the Clouds

This blissfully simple porcelain warmer is embedded with an LED light, so the entire body glows softly, making it perfect for bedrooms or anywhere you want quiet, understated illumination.

Above the Clouds Warmer is available for $36 (a 10% discount during the month of July 2021). Normally $40.

Scentsy July 2021 Scent of the Month:


Star-kissed petals shine through fluffy cotton and soft vanilla clouds, making all your celestial dreams come true.

Available with a 10% discount as a Scent Circle ($2.70, normally $3), Scentsy Bar, ($5.40, normally $6), and Room Spray ($7.20 normally $8).

Above the Clouds & Stargazing
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