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UPDATE 3/4/2021: The Dumbo – Buddy Clip and Circus Parade bar are on sale! Shop Now to grab them before they’re gone!

UPDATE 8/1/2020: Our Dumbo Scentsy Buddy may be in the vault, but the Dumbo – Buddy Clip is now available, along with Circus Parade in a Bar and Scent Pak! See all of our Dumbo products!

“D” is for Dumbo and downright darling. Classic and always unique, Dumbo reminds us that what makes you different makes you special. Our beloved Dumbo Scentsy Buddy will be available starting March 18, 2019 — while supplies last.

Welcome to the greatest scent on Earth! Each Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy comes with our exclusive Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak — delight in sweet clementine, creamy peach, fresh mango and vanilla bean.

For mere peanuts, you can also get the Dumbo bundle. This includes one Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak, and one Dumbo: Circus Parade Scentsy Bar.

  • Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak for $35
  • The Dumbo bundle features the Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with the Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak and a Scentsy Bar for $40

Starting March 18, Dumbo: Circus Parade will be eligible to add to Scentsy Club subscriptions as a Scentsy Bar. Get this fragrance shipped to your door on a regular basis by taking advantage of Scentsy Club’s Always Get My Bar perk. Otherwise, Dumbo: Circus Parade is only available while supplies last.

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Dumbo Scentsy Buddy
Dumbo Scentsy Buddy
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