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– Dr. Jo Harding: Cow. Another cow.
– Bill Harding: Actually I think that was the same one.

Update 1/1/2021: Hamish the Highland Cow Buddy has been put into the vault. However, Hamish the Highland Cow Buddy Clip is coming on 2/1/2021! He’s filled with scented beads and perfect for decorating backpacks and more! Hamish the Highland Cow is scented in Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

Hamish the Highland Cow Buddy Clip

You can’t help but love the Highland Cow, with its fluffy coat and oh-so-stylish shock of hair. And don’t let those horns fool you — these adorable creatures are known for their sweet, friendly demeanor, and thrive on attention.

They’re the teddy bears of the bovine family, so get ready to love on Hamish the Highland Cow — our newest Scentsy Buddy!

While native to the Scottish Highlands, these well-coifed cows can be found around the world, and Hamish can’t wait to come home with you.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Hamish the Highland Cow is $30 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice. But hurry! He’s only available while supplies last.

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