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Unlike anything we’ve ever designed, Scentsy Go is a cordless, battery-operated scent system using a fan and Scentsy Pods (with fragrance beads inside) instead of wax or oil, making it safe and easy to Go everywhere you go.

Charge the internal lithium battery for up to 40 hours of use with the included USB cord — then go anywhere!

Enjoy the full seven-color LED light display, or adjust to pause on the color of your choice.

Twist open the cover. Drop in 1-2 Scentsy Pods; 2 Pods increase fragrance strength for larger spaces. Close. Turn on.

Runs on a rechargeable battery, so no outlet needed. Goes where you go — no strings (or cords) attached.

An internal fan blows air through the Scentsy Pods, filling any small space with fragrance in seconds.

Enjoy this exciting new product with peace of mind. Scentsy Go is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of signature Scentsy aroma. Each pack includes two Pods of the same fragrance.

Scentsy Pods will be available in the following scents:

  •  LUNA

The unit is $50, and the Scentsy Pods sell separately in packs of 2 for $10.

Scentsy Go is available now! Check out more information!

Where can the Scentsy Go be used?

Scentsy Go is cordless, portable and lightweight, so it’s ready to go wherever you do, from your camper to your cubicle and beyond.

How long does it take Scentsy Go to infuse a space with fragrance?

Scentsy Go begins imparting fragrance instantly. Simply add a Scentsy Pod or two then turn the unit on, and within seconds, your space will be filled with your favorite fragrance.

How long does the Scentsy Go last when fully charged?

The rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of travel-friendly fragrance and charges easily with the included USB cord.

Does Scentsy Go come with a cord that can be plugged into a wall to charge?

Scentsy Go includes a USB cord for charging (like an iPhone), but you’ll need to pair it with an adaptor to charge it via a wall outlet.

Can you switch out and/or replace the decorative bands?

No. Scentsy Go comes with a band in your choice of two colors: rose gold or silver. Bands are not sold separately.

How many colors are featured in the Scentsy Go light display?

There are 7 LED colors, and you can either pause on your favorite or cycle through the full color display.

How many fan options are there?

There are two fan options: normal mode and eco mode. Both were designed to conserve battery life and fine-tune the fragrance experience.

What are the Scentsy Go dimensions?

5.5” tall.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a limited lifetime warranty.

Can Scentsy Go be purchased in a Bundle & Save?

Not at this time.

Does Scentsy Go come with Scentsy Pods or are Pods purchased separately?

Scentsy Pods are sold separately, in packs of two of the same fragrance.

What material is Scentsy Go made of?

The outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the top and bottom caps are polypropylene, and the trim is painted nylon.

How do you clean the Scentsy Go?

Use a damp cloth to clean (avoid solvents or alcohol).

What are Scentsy Pods?

Scentsy Pods are small plastic cages filled with fragrance beads that are infused with your favorite Scentsy fragrances.

How many Scentsy Pods should I use with Scentsy Go?

Use one or use two, depending on your desired fragrance strength. The Scentsy Go can hold up to two Scentsy Pods, which can be mixed and matched to create a custom fragrance experience and intensity. Scentsy Pods are sold in packs that contain two Pods in the same fragrance.

How long do Scentsy Pods last?

Each individual Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrance.

Can you partially use Scentsy Pods and then store them for use later?

Yes. Pods can be removed, replaced and reused to match your moods.

Are Scentsy Pods available in all Scentsy fragrances?

At this time, Scentsy Pods are available in a limited amount of Scentsy fragrances. For the complete offering, consult the fragrance grid in the catalog or contact me!

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