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Meet our newest Scentsy Buddy, Kenzie the Kangaroo.

Who’s really kickin’ it? Kenzie the Kangaroo! She’s ready to hop, skip and jump right into your heart. She even comes with a sweet “joey” (that’s a baby kangaroo!) you can take out of her little pouch.

But don’t wait to grab this marsupial friend! Kenzie is only available while supplies last.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Kenzie the Kangaroo is $30 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice.

Kenzie the Kangaroo
Meet Kenzie:

Species: Marsupial
Favorite hangout: The Outback
Favorite activities: Playing jacks, boxing
Favorite book: Pouch!
Favorite movie: Kangaroo Jack
Favorite song: Jump
Favorite sports team: UMKC Roos
Food I crave: Grasses and shrubs
Fun fact: Kangaroos can jump up to three times their own height.
Ambition: To figure out how to walk backwards.

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