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How I fell in love with Scentsy, and how I become a consultant.

I have been a middle school teacher since 2000. While I love teaching reading, I was always searching for something fun to do during the summer that could also help bring in some extra money. I love my summers and breaks and did not want to be tied down to a job that wasn’t flexible.

One of my favorite things to do in summer is to visit the local farmer’s markets. In 2013 I found a consultant at the market and I was so happy to see her! I had purchased a Scentsy Warmer the year before and was out of wax. I tried store brand wax from retail and candle stores but was not impressed with the scents.

I had found my Scentsy Consultant! Because I had to smell ALL of the 80+ scents available, I decided to host a home party. None of my family, friends, or coworkers knew what Scentsy was. At my home party, I was sure to let them all know how amazing Scentsy Wickless, Flameless Candles are! My home party was a success and I had a great time telling everyone why I loved Scentsy so much. At the end of the party, my husband and Scentsy Consultant kept telling me I needed to join Scentsy.

I would never consider myself a sales person so I doubted I could sell Scentsy. I didn’t know enough people to be in direct sales! I didn’t want to join something and fail terribly at it. I didn’t want to waste money on a starter kit.

But I did have a blast teaching my friends and family how Scentsy warmers worked, recommending scents, and hanging out. And I did plan to keep buying Scentsy for myself regularly now since I was giving up candles for good!

So I took a risk and joined Scentsy the next day.

Joining was one of the best decisions I made! Almost three years later, Scentsy is not only a fulfilling hobby but a great business opportunity. I choose when and how to work my Scentsy business around my teaching career and busy schedule.

Scentsy is the leader in home fragrance. Once people try Scentsy, they fall in love with the products. Because there are so many amazing Scentsy products, it’s easy to share Scentsy with everyone. I love being a Scentsy consultant, director, and customer.

If you’re looking for a fun and flexible way to earn extra money, contact me or join my team today!

Terra, Lovey, Bernice, and Lulu

Just chillin’ with Terra, Lovey, and Lulu while at Scentsy Director Boot Camp!

Knowing our beloved fragrances will be part of countless special moments, from first steps to family gatherings, is what inspires us every day. Thank you for that gift.

Heidi Thompson

President and Co-Owner, Scentsy

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