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The new Scentsy 2017 Spring/Summer catalog has been released!

The theme for this 2017 Spring/Summer season is “Like. Love. Share.” And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you see all of the new and exciting products Scentsy has to offer which will be available for purchase on March 1st!

Scentsy Hip, Pop, and Zig Warmers
Scentsy Southern Hospitality Warmer
Scentsy Claret And Butterfly Atrium Warmers
Scentsy Daisy Lantern Warmer

Some of the new items include:

Scentsy Warmers:
Daisy Lantern
Butterfly Atrium
Colors of the Rainbow
Darling (in purple or blue!)
Pretty Bird
Blue Crush
I Heart Dogs
I Heart Cats
Southern Hospitality
Love Swept
Fruit Crate

Scentsy Mini Warmers:
No Place Like Home
Home Run!
Live Simply
Swirly Bird
Enjoy the Little Things

Scentsy Bars:
Aloha Citrus
Atlantic Air
Bright & Cherry
Coconut Flan
Custard Apple
Gleeful Grape
Lemon Thyme Berry
Lime & Sugarcane
Mariposa Lily
Passion Fruit Colada
Pistachio Ice Cream
Sheer Woods
Southern Sweet Tea
Starfruit & Pear Nectar
Summer Soleil
Summer Sunshine
Sweet Amber & Freesia

Scentsy Diffuser:

Scentsy Essential and Natural Oils:
Apple Orange Raspberry
Caramel Vanilla Strawberry
Pineapple Coconut Lime
Tea Tree

Scentsy Sidekicks:
Murphy the Mouse
Cammy the Cat

Scentsy Buddy Clip:
Shu Shu the Panda

Scentsy Scrubby Buddy:
Bubbles the Octopus

Scentsy Buddy:
Sebastian the Superbuddy

Scentsy Laundry:
Scent Soft

And more!

Download or view the catalog now and take a look for yourself!

Scentsy Fruit Crate Warmer
Scentsy Telly Warmer
Scentsy Love Swept Warmer
Start your own Scentsy Adventure.

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