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Make a HUGE splash with Benny the Blue Whale!

Thar he blows — Benny the Blue Whale, who makes a splash with kids like only our newest Buddy can! Benny has a huge heart (a blue whale’s ticker weighs in at about 2,000 pounds!), and he can’t wait to share big hugs and cozy cuddles.

What makes Benny even more special is his rugged dungaree exterior — ensuring long-lasting, kid-proof durability — along with his zippered mouth for holding your child’s favorite Scent Pak (and maybe a treasured little keepsake!). But like all Scentsy Buddies, Benny is in the swim for a limited time. Befriend him while supplies last! Scent Pak options are limited.

Benny the Blue Whale is $25 USD/$33 CAD and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.

Big ol’ Benny sure is a beaut. Don’t miss the boat!

Benny the Blue Whale Scentsy Buddy

MEET Benny:

Name: Benny
Species: Blue whale
Favorite hangout: Oceans big enough to hold me
Favorite activities: Impressing whale watchers, spouting off
Favorite book: A Whale’s Tale
Favorite movie: Finding Dory
Favorite song: Under the Sea
Food I crave: Krill (like shrimp, only yummier!)
Fun fact: I have a big heart — it weighs about 2,000 pounds!
Ambition: Using my big heart to share joy and love with kids

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