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I read something online the other day and it really struck a chord with me. It’s a story about someone going in for a job interview and asking for the same kinds of perks and compensation that Scentsy gives you as an independent consultant. It goes something like this:

I went on an interview for a job today and when the manager asked what my salary requirements were I replied with this:

  1. I would like 25% commission on everything I sell and a 5% bonus if I do well.
  2. I would like to receive a $250 bonus for meeting my goals in my first 70 days.
  3. I would like to earn free or half-price merchandise every month based on my sales.
  4. I expect an eCommerce website to be provided to me.
  5. I expect online training plus leadership training in places like Cancun and New York City.
  6. If I bring in people to work on my team, I would like compensation for up to 9% of their sales with an added bonus on my own compensation.
  7. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company.
  8. When I do well, I expect recognition in the form of free products, special awards, and trips every summer to places like the Bahamas, Disney World, Singapore, and Greece.
  9. I would like to go connect with others in the company in person every year at a convention/reunion in places like Nashville and Las Vegas.
  10. I would like my friends and family to work with me.
  11. I would like to set my own schedule and work when I want. I never want to work holidays, and I would like unlimited vacation time.
  12. I would like to be able to work at home or anywhere else I desire.

The manager roared with laughter and said, “You’re dreaming! If you can find an opportunity like that, come back and get me because I want to work there too!”

The truth is that there is a job like this, and I have that job. I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant!

Some people refer to MLM (multi-level marketing) companies like Scentsy as pyramid schemes, but that is simply not the case. Pyramid schemes are an illegal form of investment in which each participant recruits further participants with returns being given to the early investors (the top of the pyramid) using money contributed by the later investors. MLM companies allow you to earn commissions on your own sales and get a bonus based on your downline’s sales. That bonus is not somehow subtracted from your team’s individual commissions. It is in addition to their sales.

When you join my team, you’re investing in yourself. You’re starting your own business. You’re not relying on a company to take care of you and never lay you off or fire you. You’re building a network, and that network is the key to your success. Some of your network will be potential customers, and some will be potential recruits. The bigger your network, the better you’ll do, most likely. And once you have that network, you can branch out into all sorts of opportunities. But at the center of it all is YOU. You’re working for you and your family, not for some manager making double your salary or some CEO making 300 times your salary.

You may have also heard that direct sales consultants make no money and are not successful, mostly quitting within a year. There is some truth to that, but in reality, it all comes down to how much time you put into your business. If you sign up and never network or promote, you will not succeed. But if you sign up and work your business, even if it’s just a little bit each day, you’ll have a great chance to be successful. It may not be a full or even a part-time salary, but you’ll have extra income and free products. The more you work your business the further you can go. If you work it every day and treat it like your own business, you will succeed.

It’s not an overnight process to rise up with promotions and bonuses. It takes time to build. It might take you several years to reach a Star or Director level. But once you do (if that’s what you want), you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build for a long time. The better your team does, the better you do, so it’s in your best interest to help and mentor your team members. They, in turn, will coach and encourage their own teams, and everyone benefits. Everyone builds their own business, and everyone reaps the benefits, not just a few people who pocket the profits.

Maybe you’re not looking to replace your current job. Perhaps you’re a doctor, or a lawyer, or an executive who makes a great salary but is looking for a way to branch out, a new hobby, or just a way to get all of the products you love. Whoever you are, and whatever kind of work you do, you can join Scentsy. A few hours a week, or 8 hours a day, how much you work is up to you. And you’ll find that the people who want to host parties and buy from you at festivals really love the product and get excited when they see you. That is one of the best feelings to experience as a consultant!

Another great part about Scentsy is that you don’t need to carry inventory. You can build your inventory if you’d like, of course, but you can be a successful consultant by strictly ordering for your customers, or having them order directly through your website. It’s always a nice surprise to be sitting on the couch watching a movie and seeing a new order come in through your website!

Scentsy will also offer you the opportunity to travel. I’ve been with Scentsy for less than three years, and in that time I’ve been to St. Louis, Las Vegas, Idaho, and Disney World. I’ll be going to Nashville in a few weeks. All of it related to Scentsy. I never dreamed that I would not only be travelling to all of these places but travelling in some cases by myself and loving it! I’ve met and connected with so many wonderful people through this company, and I’m only just beginning! I have even made some new friends along the way.

Take a moment and think about your future. Do you want to build your own business that will last for many years to come? How about a way to earn money while working at home, or even while you’re sleeping? Start building your business now and see where it takes you. You might even surprise yourself!

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