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UPDATE! Stargaze has shattered all Scentsy sales records and is currently not available to order. The next time Stargaze will be available should be sometime in May or June 2017. If you would like to get on the pre-order list to guarantee you get one (or more) of these beautiful warmers, please contact me! Stargaze is $50 plus your local sales tax (and shipping, if applicable).

UPDATE! Stargaze has been so popular that in order to accommodate orders it has been changed to the January 2017 Warmer of the Month! Pre-orders for this incredibly popular warmer will now deliver in January instead of December.

Introducing Scentsy’s Warmer of the Month for January 2017, Stargaze! Ring in radiance!

Rediscover wonder. Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color, giving you a front-row seat to a dazzling show. It stands 6.5″ tall and is available January 1st for $45 during the month of January!

December’s Scent of the Month is Black Currant Bubbly. Champagne bubbles stir black currant, sweet orange, and vanilla sugar. You can get this scent in a Scent Circle for $2.70, a Room Spray for $7.20, or a Scentsy Bar for $4.50. All sale prices are good through the month of January.

Stargaze Scentsy Warmer

Stargaze features a dazzling display of light and color so special, no two are quite alike! When lit, each Warmer offers its own unique combination of mesmerizing streaks and bursts that simply must be experienced! 

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