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New and returning Star Wars products available May 1, while supplies last.

Key takeaways:

What: Star Wars™ Collection returns with a new warmer

When: Starting at 2:01 a.m. CT Wednesday, May 1 (time zone converter). Queuing system will be in place.

Where: My website within the Star Wars™ Collection

Cost: See purchasing options below.

The Star Wars Collection returns just in time for Star Wars Day (May 4)! Returning collection favorites are joined by iconic and adorable new products fans will love — especially fans of the dark side! Here are the purchasing options:

  • New! Darth Vader™ – Scentsy Mini Warmer, $30
  • New! Jawa™ – Scentsy Buddy + Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force – Scent Pak, $50
  • New! Outer Rim – Scentsy Wax Collection, $21. Three new Scentsy Bars and a decorative box inspired by Star Wars planets! Includes:
    • Endor™: Forest – Scentsy Bar: Cedarwood lifts fir balsam needles to towering heights, shading groves of eucalyptus leaves.
    • Tatooine™: Sunsets – Scentsy Bar: Bright cardamom pods and pink pepper shimmer above a vast expanse of vetiver.
    • Hoth™: Winter – Scentsy Bar: Beneath cool winter air, midnight woods shelter warm amber.
  • New! Stormtrooper™ – Scentsy Warmer, $75
  • Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar, $7 each: Feel the Force all around you. It’s here, there, in the orange groves, morning mist and even the driftwood at the ocean’s edge.
  • Star Wars™: Dark Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar, $7 each: Feel the power of this fully armed and operational fragrance, churning with lavender, Madagascar ginger, vetiver and agarwood.
  • Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force – Scent Pak, $8 each

Outer Rim – Scentsy Bars are not available for individual purchase, but individual bars can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions through the Always Get My Bar perk.

How to get yours:

New and returning Star Wars™ Collection products will be available starting at 2:01 a.m. CT Wednesday, May 1 through my website, while supplies last. Star Wars is listed in the Collections tab on my website under Licensed Collections.

The Star Wars Collection
Star Wars - Jawa Buddy & ScentPak
Star Wars - Wax Collection
Star Wars - Stormtrooper Warmer & Wax Bar
Star Wars - Darth Vader Mini Warmer & WaxBar
Star Wars - Storm Trooper Warmer and Darth Vader Mini Warmer & WaxBar
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