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Sometimes, Scentsy Consultants choose to part ways with Scentsy, or life happens and they aren’t able to stay active. Well, I want you back and on my team!

I want to encourage former Consultants who left Scentsy on or before Dec. 31, 2015, to rejoin! In January and February, you will be eligible to purchase a new Starter Kit when you reinstate your account, while supplies last!*

What’s new?

All former Consultants are always encouraged to apply for an account reinstatement (at least three months after their account was cancelled for inactivity or at least six months after their account was cancelled for any other reason), but Scentsy typically doesn’t allow reinstated Consultants to purchase a new Starter Kit.

During our Rejoin campaign, Scentsy is lifting that restriction for Consultants who were cancelled on or before Dec. 31, 2015! In January, reinstated Consultants can choose between the $49 essentials-only Starter Kit or the standard $99 kit. In February, you’ll receive the transition Starter Kit that includes Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer business tools.

Why now?

It’s the perfect time to come back to Scentsy. In January, we’re offering an essentials-only Starter Kit for just $49.† February is a transition month (hello, two-season Starter Kit!), and then in March, we launch a new catalog. It’s a great opportunity for former Consultants to recommit and gain a lot of great momentum with all the new products and tools you need to launch your business — again!

For more information on how reinstatements will work during our Rejoin campaign, check out this FAQ.

Make sure you take a look at all of the benefits you’ll get by joining my team today!

*Reinstated Consultants are only eligible to purchase a new Starter Kit in January or February 2017, or while supplies last.
†The $49 Starter Kit is only available from Jan. 1-31, 2017. Price does not include tax or shipping. Contents may vary.

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