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1. You get an enhanced Starter Kit!

August is the last month of our Spring/Summer season. Rather than provide new Consultants with just Spring/Summer business tools (like catalogs and fragrance testers), we give you Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter tools this month. You’ll have everything you need to run your business next season, too.

No added cost. No catch. Just more stuff!

2. Hit the ground running and get TONS of free products.

New Consultants are all eligible to earn the Shooting Star Award. The only requirement? Sell 500 PRV* in your first 15 days. On average, it takes one or two successful parties to get there. And when you earn Shooting Star in August, you also get a FREE Shooting Star Enhancement Kit.

It’s about $300 (USD) worth of Scentsy products to sell or use in your party display. FREE. (As in, zero dollars spent by you!)

3. Just about everything is on sale in August.

It’s time to make room for amazing new Fall/Winter products, so we discount everything except for our licensed Warmers, Cause products, and Combine & Save bundles. Your new customers will love it!

4. Two words: NEW. CATALOG.

That means loads of new Diffusers, Warmers, Scentsy Bars and other fragrance products available for purchase on Sept. 1.

Plus, our new catalog is just really fun to look at.

5. The holidays are right around the corner.

We’re coming up on our busiest sales season, which means more opportunity to start your business strong. People want to fill their homes with seasonal décor and cozy fragrance, plus they need tons of gifts. And you’ll be ready to deliver with our new Harvest and Holiday collections.

Basically, you get to be Santa. (And get paid for spreading Christmas cheer!)

6. Last chance to support a great cause: Autism Speaks®.

Each season, Scentsy designs a product to support a charitable organization that aligns with our mission and core values. It’s our opportunity to give back together. This season, we had two Cause products: our Piece by Piece Warmer and Bernie the Buddyfly Scentsy Buddy. For every Cause product sold, Scentsy makes a donation to Autism Speaks.

So far, our donation exceeds $900,000 (USD)! With your help this month, we can finish even stronger.

7. The kids are back in school.

You’ve just been given a precious gift: time. Set a bit of it aside to invest in you. Decide when you want to work and you can still be there for the 3 p.m. hugs.

8. Online parties: We’ve got a page for that.

More and more people are shopping online for just about everything. (Thanks, millennials!) To help support your online business, we designed an all-new Party Page. It launches this fall and it’s going to completely transform the way Scentsy Consultants work online. Plus, it’s SO MUCH FUN!

9. You get an enhanced Starter Kit!

Yup, this is listed twice — it’s kind of a big deal. The enhanced August kits are an incredible value, for no added cost. And who doesn’t love FREE stuff?

10. Because it just might be the best decision you ever make.

It costs just $99 (USD) to launch your business. When you join, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started. And that includes encouragement, training, and support.

Don’t miss your chance to explode out of the gate when you join Scentsy in August. Contact me now!


*PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume. It’s a point value that represents a Consultant’s personal sales.

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