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Get Earthbound with WALL-E!

Shop new products inspired by Disney and Pixar’s WALL-E, beginning July 19

What: New warmer, Buddy and fragrance inspired by Disney and Pixar’s WALL-E

When: Starting between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. CT Tuesday, July 19 (time zone converter). Queuing system will be in place.

Where: My Website

Cost: See purchasing options below.

Our new Disney and Pixar’s WALL-E – Scentsy Warmer comes with a free Scentsy Bar in our exclusive WALL-E: Classified fragrance — featuring botanical notes of crisp apple, watery cucumber and dewy greens! It’s also hand-painted with replica-like detail, and features a wax dish shaped like one of WALL-E’s garbage squares — and each side is unique.

The Eve – Scentsy Buddy captures this courageous character’s fierce charm, and has a shiny, robot-like finish that’s easy to wipe clean! Each Buddy comes with a preselected Scent Pak in our WALL-E: Classified fragrance (which is also available to purchase as a Scentsy Bar). Please note that this Buddy does not stand upright on its own.

Here are the products that will be available for purchase beginning July 19:

  • Disney and Pixar’s WALL-E – Scentsy Warmer + free WALL-E: Classified – Scentsy Bar, $80
  • Eve – Scentsy Buddy + WALL-E: Classified – Scent Pak, $40
  • WALL-E: Classified – Scent Pak, $7.50
  • WALL-E: Classified – Scentsy Bar, $6.50*

Scentsy Club: Always Get My Bar

Starting July 19, the WALL-E: Classified – Scentsy Bar can be added to Scentsy Club within 30 days after launch, or as long as the fragrance is available beyond that date. See the Scentsy Club FAQ for more details.

Licensed products cannot be purchased using Host Rewards or Perpetual Party Rewards. 

*Individual bars can be added to 3-packs or 6-packs of licensed Scentsy Bars.

Wall-E Scentsy Warmer and Eve Scentsy Buddy
Wall-E Scentsy Warmer
Wall-E Scentsy Warmer
WALL-E Classified Scentsy Bar
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