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I’ve tried changing my Scentsy wax out of my warmers several different ways. My first attempt was pouring the wax back into the plastic Scentsy clam shell. Seems easy right? Wrong! I often spilled wax either moving the dish or trying to get the liquid wax to go back into the container.

Next I tried paper towels. Paper towels are supposed to soak spills up. Even that was a bit messy because the paper towel would be sopping wet and dripping liquid wax. I managed to get a little trail of wax spots from my warmer to the trash can each time.

Then someone told me about using cotton balls. Put a cotton ball in for every cube you are melting in the dish. If you want to be extra careful, add in one additional cotton ball. The liquid wax will soak right up and mostly stay on the cotton ball. Of course I use a paper towel to make sure I don’t drip wax all over my floors. But with cotton balls, cleanup is easier, quicker, and less messy. I buy a huge, fairly inexpensive bag of cotton balls just for my wax changing days.

My preferred way to clean out my wax once it no longer has a strong scent is in the video below. I turn on my warmer and wait for about one or two minutes. As long as I am not distracted and walk away for too long, this method works. Once the warmer is on, the bulb will start warming up the solid wax I left in from previous warming sessions. Once it’s soft enough to scoop out, I get it out in one piece and toss my wax in the trash. This is the easiest, cleanest, and quickest way to get change out Scentsy wax and put a few new cubes in to make my home smell amazing!

Scentsy recently released the product Cotton Cleanup to its consultants. Cotton Cleanup contains a continuous swirl of cotton with a cardboard pop up handle. You just pull up the cardboard handle and place the cotton side down into the Scentsy warmer dish to soak up the liquid wax you are ready to change. Cotton Cleanup pads can soak up to four melted Scentsy bar cubes of wax, which makes it a great tool for soaking up wax from more than one warmer. Cotton Cleanup pads are not available for purchase to Scentsy customers yet, but as your favorite Scentsy Consultant, I am happy to help you out!

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