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Would you like to work from home, on your own schedule, and be your own boss? Join my Scentsy team, The Sparkle Squad, and start your own Scentsy business! Become a Scentsy Consultant and sell Scentsy today!
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Top 5 Reasons To Join My Team


1. Scentsy products are awesome!

My home always smells amazing. I have a Scentsy Warmer decorating almost every room of my house. When I travel, I take my Scentsy Nightlight and Scentsy Bars with me. You will always find a Scent Pak in my car. I love scents – they keep me in a good mood. Scentsy has so many quality products I can use daily.

2. It pays to join my Scentsy team.

Get paid to buy the products you love.
You can also earn free and half-price Scentsy products when you host your own parties. Scentsy sells itself when you share the products. Sharing information is easy and not a sales pitch.

3. Be your own boss!

You call the shots. You decide how little/much, when, and where to run your business. Scentsy can be your part time hobby or you can do it for a living.

4. Meet new people and go new places!

I’ve made friends with other consultants and team members. I’ve gone out of my comfort zone to talk to new people because I love to talk about Scentsy. Being a consultant has given me the opportunity to travel to places I haven’t been. Scentsy’s Family Reunion brought me to St. Louis and Las Vegas. This summer I am heading to Nashville for the convention. I also earned my first incentive trip – an all-expense paid trip to Disney World!

5. My team will support you!

The team shares ideas, questions, and struggles through a Facebook group, texts, and at meetings. Someone is always there to help and answer questions. If you join my team, I will be committed to helping you become successful!

Join the Journey

Not sure about joining the Scentsy family?

Read my story and find out how I started my business!

My Team

We’re always looking for new Scentsy addicts to join us! Our team is made up of women and men from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you love Scentsy and want to join a supportive and fun team – we want you!

Have any questions about becoming a Scentsy Consultant?

I’m always excited to talk to people who are interested in joining Scentsy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have! I hope to talk with you soon!

You can now become a Scentsy consultant in twelve countries!


Region 1

Canada, The United States of America, and Mexico

Region 2

The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, and The Netherlands

Region 3

Australia and New Zealand

These countries are all open for new consultant registrations. Once you’re a consultant, you can recruit your own team members from any of these countries, enabling you to have a truly global business. It’s easy to join my team and sell Scentsy yourself!

The Sparkle Squad

Start your own Scentsy business in Canada, The United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Australia, or New Zealand by joining my team, The Sparkle Squad. Join Scentsy today and sell Scentsy now!

Getting Started

Your starter kit will come with everything you need to launch your Scentsy business. 

Starter kit contents vary – your kit will include products and business supplies to share Scentsy with friends and family and host parties.

Some of the items your kit will include are:

  • A Scentsy Warmer
  • 2 Scent Bars
  • A Room Spray
  • A Car Bar
  • A Buddy Clip
  • Washer Whiffs
  • Counter Clean
  • Scent Sample Testers (one for every scent in the catalog)
  • Catalogs
  • Order Forms
  • New Consultant Start-Up Guide
  • Product Lists
  • Scentsy print-your-own labels
  • Party Invitations
  • And much more!
Scentsy Starter Kit

When you sign up with Scentsy, you are purchasing your starter kit.

USA – $99 USD plus tax and shipping
Canada –  $119 CAD plus GST & Shipping
Mexico – $1,799 MXN plus shipping

United Kingdom – £85 plus shipping
Germany – €99 plus shipping
Ireland – €99 plus shipping
Austria – €99 plus shipping
France – €99 plus shipping
Spain – €99 plus shipping

– $139 AUD plus shipping
New Zealand – $169 NZD plus shipping

While you wait for your starter kit to come in the mail, you can get started immediately with your Personal Scentsy Website (PWS). Friends and family can order Scentsy from your website and orders will ship directly to them. Share your website with everyone and post about your new business adventure on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You’ll also have access to your Scentsy Workstation where you can keep track of all parts of your business.

Compensation Plan

Being a Scentsy Consultant allows you to have a flexible schedule and set your own goals. No matter what your background is or how many hours you wish to work, you can have a successful business that fits your lifestyle! The Scentsy Compensation Plan offers commissions on personal sales and leadership bonuses as you build a team. Earn up to 30% commission plus bonuses!

Compensation Plan
Start your own Scentsy Adventure.

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