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Hello Spring & Spring Forward, Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month March 2018

Scentsy March 2018 Warmer of the Month:

Hello Spring

Spring is on its way! And this warmer will help you roll out the red carpet with watercolor-inspired artwork and a serene, sunny glow. When the warmer is turned on the colors appear differently than when it is off. You’ll get a whole different look on or off, and it’s sure to help you beat the Winter blues and usher in Spring!

Available for $40.50 (a 10% discount during the month of March 2018). Normally $45.

Scentsy March 2018 Scent of the Month:

Spring Forward

If sunshine had a scent, it would be this burst of Italian bergamot, raspberry jam and cedarwood.

Available with a 10% discount as a Scent Circle ($2.70, normally $3), Scentsy Bar, ($5.40, normally $6), and Room Spray ($7.20 normally $8).


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