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Give it up for our newest Buddy, Carl the Chameleon! He may be a master of disguise, but there’s no hiding Carl’s love and endless adoration! With his sweet googly eyes, he’s just begging for hugs, not to mention some serious playtime both indoors and out. (Hint: Rainforest romps are his favorite!)

But hurry! Once Carl scampers away, he’ll be gone for good and another Buddy will take his place.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak fragrance. Carl the Chameleon is $30 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.

Name: Carl

Species: Chameleon

Favorite hangout: Anywhere I can blend in — typically the rainforest or desert

Favorite activities: Catching bugs with my long, quick tongue!

Favorite book: A Color of His Own

Favorite song: Karma Chameleon

Favorite sport: Cricket

Food I crave: Insects with a side of green leaves

Fun fact: Chameleons’ unique eyes give them the ability to see 360 degrees around their body

Ambition: Adapt better to change

New Scentsy Buddy Carl the Chameleon
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