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Here’s your first look at the Scentsy 2017 Holiday & Christmas Collection!

Be merry and bright! Ring in the most wonderful time of the year with a style-spanning collection of home décor and fragrances. It’s your party, so embellish accordingly!

Scentsy Holiday Collection Warmers include:
Down the Chimney
Silver Frost
Winter Frost
Build a Snowman
Special Delivery
Holiday Lights
Gingerbread Man
Down the Chimney
Falling Snowflakes
Winter Stag
Make a Scene (with Snow Day Decorative Scene)

Scentsy Holiday Collection Wraps include:
O Christmas Tree
Away in a Manger

Scentsy Holiday Collection Buddies include:
Frost the Polar Bear
Stan the Gingerbread Man

And don’t forget the new clothes for your Scentsy Buddy collection:
Christmas Sweater
Fur-Lined Jacket

Scentsy Holiday Collection Ornaments include:
Silver Bells Fabric
Eskimo Kiss Fabric
Snowflake Porcelain

Scentsy Holiday Collection Cards include:
Christmas Cottage
Cinnamon Bear
Eskimo Kiss

Scentsy Holiday Collection Oils include:
Christmas Pine
Cinnamon Bark
Peppermint Stick

Scentsy Holiday Collection Body Products include:
Lavender & White Balsam Hand Soap
Lavender & White Balsam Lotion

Scentsy Holiday Collection Diffusers include:

Scentsy Holiday Collection Laundry Products include:
Amazon Rain Laundry Bundle (Laundry Liquid & Washer Whiffs)

All of these products are available right here at scentsbyberni.com on October 1st!

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