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I stayed up last night to enter all of my pre-orders for Stargaze before it was back ordered. Scentsy’s inventory of the warmer was sold out in around 90 minutes – even after delaying the availability of this warmer an extra month to bulk up the supply. Stargaze is hotter than any other Christmas toy around! If you placed a pre-order with me, I will let you know as soon as it ships and when it can be expected to deliver.

Any Stargaze warmers ordered now and in January WILL be fulfilled. Scentsy is taking orders for the entire month. Scentsy sold through their initial inventory quickly – more quickly than anything they ever sold and in record amounts!

This amazing warmer outsold ALL of our record breakers! We have never had a warmer sell this many, this fast! So, any orders placed now will be delayed because they are back ordered until May.

This warmer is worth the wait so if you’d like to order one, or ten, let me know how I can help you! Stargaze is currently only available through consultants, not online, so contact me when you’re ready to place your order.


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